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Faster Boots - OS 8.5 has a hidden feature that enables faster boot times. To find this feature, open the Memory Control Panel while holding down the Option and Command key. When the panel is opened you will find you now have a forth item called Start Up Memory Tests. Choosing to turn the memory tests off will definitely speed the boot time for those that have large amounts of memory.

Alias without the "alias" - If you want to create an alias in another window or on the desktop from another window, just hold down the option and command key while dragging the icon where you want an alias created. It creates a perfect alias icon without the alias index at the end of the icon title. Saves me a lot of time, not to mention I always get rid of the alias index attachment anyway.

Finding the original from an alias -When an alias is highlighted using OA-R will open the folder containing the original and highlight the file.

Resizing your desktop pictures - "Do you like the idea of having randomly selected pictures displayed on your Mac OS 8.x desktop? Perhaps you like to fill the whole screen with the image (using the option 'Fill Screen'). The hassle is that the dimensions of the pictures often don't correspond too well with the proportions of your Mac's monitor, resulting in a distorted image.

All you have to do in fact is set the height of the picture to equal the vertical resolution of your monitor. For example, set the picture's height to 600 dpi if you like to have your monitor to 800x600. Then, importantly, set the Desktop Pictures Control Panel to 'Center on Screen'. The picture will fill the whole desktop area *and* keep its proportions, cropping the edges to fit."

File not needed in 0S 8 - Many applications now install a file called "ObjectSupportLib" in your Extensions folder. This is not needed and should be deleted as soon as possible. The functionality of ObjectSupportLib is built into OS 8... Always check your Extensions folder for this file after installing software. An easy way to have the Mac notify you this file is being placed in your extensions is to keep a copy of OSL in the Extensions disabled folder. Mac will then advise you already have this file.

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