Netscape now has Communicator 4.5 available and although many of the tips below will work with this program, we suggest you make yourself familiar with the Help file of this program. To Access the Help File click on the word "Help" on the Communicators menu Bar.

All of the tips below have been written with Netscape 3.0 in mind... Similar results can be achieved in both Netscape 4.x and Communicator 4.x, however methods used may vary.

Netscape browsers do not retain their history files after you quit the application. If you want to keep a running history of up to the last four hundred sites visited, we suggest you use CyberView... Information for this program can be found on our Hicacc FreeWare and ShareWare Page.....

Netscape and Clippings - Drop a text clipping with a few words in it onto a Netscape browser window and Netscape displays the contents of your clipping! However if your clipping contains only a single word, Netscape attempts to go to an URL corresponding to your word (e.g., Netscape also makes a handy dandy text reader, gif & jpg viewer, movie player etc. . . by simply dropping these other files into an open browser window as well.

Netscape Drag and Drop - One of the best parts of the Mac is drag and drop. In addition to drag-and-drop of bookmarks, you can drag a page link (URL) onto the main browser window to load a page. You can also drag a page link from your history window. Dragging and dropping a page link onto the desktop saves the page as an HTML text file. You can even use drag and drop between Navigator and Internet Explorer windows.

Selecting text in Navigator - Selecting text in Navigator can be a real pain... especially if you want to select text in tables or select text that is linked. Solution? Just hold down the shift key when you select the text (not too long or you'll get a contextual menu) and you will be able to select text that's in a link with ease. For some reason, you also get better precision when selecting text in tables...

The following are listed in alphabetical order

Attaching Graphics to Email - To enable the recipients browser to show graphics right in their email window, your graphics must be attached as GIF or JPEG files. Simple graphics such as Clip Art can be sent as GIFs but graphics using gradient colors and photographs should be sent as JPEGs... Although sending a GIF file results in smaller file and has a shorter download time for the recipients, it is NOT the type of file to use for best results when using complex graphics and photographs...... Other types of graphic files can of course be attached to your email but then they must be copied to the desktop before they can be viewed in any of the many graphic viewers available, or viewed with one of the many the helpers viewers included or added to the Netscape Program..... This also applies to email sent when using Internet Explorer...

Controlling Bookmark Additions in Navigator - To avoid always having to scroll to the bottom of the bookmarks list to find your new bookmarks, Put a "New Folder" at the top of your bookmarks . 1- First select the Bookmarks Edit window under Window in the menu bar. 2 -Highlight the top most folder (Bookmarks for your name) 3 -Select Insert Folder under Item in the menu bar( A New folder will then be placed right under the topmost folder in the list. 4 - Highlight the folder and then select "Set to New Bookmarks folder" under Item in the menu bar....... Now whenever you use Add Bookmark, your new bookmark appears at the bottom of the New Bookmarks folder, not at the bottom of the bookmarks list. Periodically clean out your New Bookmarks folder by deleting unwanted bookmarks or dragging the ones you want into other folders. (New folders can be added at any spot in the bookmark list by highlighting a bookmark and then selecting Insert folder under Items in the menubar. this is a great way to sort the bookmarks you want to keep).

Downloading files from the Internet. - For faster file downloading try downloading the MacBinary version. Your browser should handle it the same as Binhex but it's up to 30% smaller and therefore takes less time for the download.

Drag and Drop Clippings - If you drop a text clipping with a complete URL into your browser window Netscape will automatically connect you to the site.... If your clipping contains only a single word (eg:Apple), Netscape automatically searches for the corresponding URL (e.g., before connecting you to the site.

Enlarging the Netscape Browser window - You may not realize that all of the Tool Bar and Directory Button items have duplicates in the menu bar. You can see more of each downloaded site as you surf the Internet if you uncheck the SHOW TOOLBAR and SHOW DIRECTORY BUTTONS under options on the menu bar.

Finding bookmarks, lost bookmarks and deleting duplicates - To quickly find a book mark from the BOOKMARK WINDOW of Netscape (OA-B), select the Find option from the edit menu and type in the bookmark name (or a portion of it). Find will locate your bookmark even if it is buried several folders deep. Find will automatically open all folders necessary to highlight your bookmark.. To open the URL all you need to do is click on the bookmark. This also is a great way to remove duplicates with the help of Find Again.

Forcing Netscape to do a "Super Reload" - If you want to refresh a page in Netscape, all you should have to do is click your Reload button. This does not however, guarantee a fresh image if Netscape determines that the page to be refreshed has not changed from the one being stored in cache. To force a fresh download of a new page, hold down the Option key and click Reload.

Internet Connections speeds - Ever wonder why sometimes you can connect at faster speeds than at other times.. Take a look at our additional page to understand the workings of traveling on the Internet......Internet Connections Speeds.

Netscape Defrost - You may have missed this freeware program on our Suggested Freeware and Shareware page . This beta program just might be worth the try if you have troubles freezing while on the Internet . Why not check out the Netscape defrost (Beta Version) site online.

Netscape and Quicktime update - It has been reported Netscape Communicator and Navigator 4.05 will replace the QuickTime Plugin to the older version 1.1.1 when installed into an existing Netscape folder. (Current version 2.0 of the plugin comes with QuickTime 3.0.), You might want to check this out.

Saving Netscape Picture files - The easiest, quickest way to save Netscape picture files is to simply drag and drop them onto the desktop (or onto a folder on the desktop). The jpeg/gif images are immediately copied there.

Sending Email to multiple recipients...To send a single email message to multiple recipients with all recipients addresses showing. All names must be placed in the TO field of the email. To send a message to multiple recipients such that each recipient can not see the other recipient's addresses or names, list their addresses in the BCC field... To display the BCC field for use, enable it from the View menu in Netscape 3.0. in the Mail composition field (This field must be enabled for each message like other mail and, here must be at least one valid Email address in the TO: field.  Many people will put their own address there. You can always remove your name and use a salutation in this spot although your email address must remain.....

Example: - "Hello to our Members and Friends from <>".

To send a BBC email in later versions of Netscape and in Netscape Communicators, you only have to click the name of the recipient and select BBC from the pop up window. When sending email to multiple recipients it is easiest to use a list of names made in the address book instead of placing the names in the fields one at a time . To learn how to make and use this list, go to the Help item found on the menu bar when in Netscape.

Stopping animated GIFs - "Don't you hate those animated GIFs that never stop moving?  By pressing command-period, you can stop all the GIF animations on the current page from moving."

Two For One - Have you noticed that when you receive an attachment with your emails when using Netscape 3.01, you have two files instead of one for the attachment..... Check out our additional page to see why this happens. Double files for Netscape Attachments

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