Webmaster's Thoughts

Please check before forwarding Virus Alerts

by Bobby Draves

In this month Bytelines Doug Corbett our HiDACC Club President, has presented us with current information relating to the latest virus that affected PC computers running the Windows systems . This virus was called "I love you " Fortunately, we folks using Macintosh computers do not have as many viruses thrown at us as do PC users.

This seems like a good time to support Doug in asking you to check out the virus warnings you get before sending them on to others.. A good place to check for viruses and hoaxes is at the "Computer Incident Advisory Capability" site. Please take the time to check this site whenever you get one of those suspicious emails or when someone tells you to "pass this on to all your friends!"

If like myself you want to know what is happening and has happened in the computer world, be sure to check out the CICA Virus page. Although it is no longer being maintained, it has links to current virus information sites and a database of the many past viruses for you to read about...

Links to other pages offered on the CICA site, for new and old information, are Bulletins, Tools, Documents, C-notes, Chain letters, Operating Systems and Secure Resources.

A word of warning, don't panic. After reading the pages above you might instantly think that you have a virus if things suddenly stop working right on your computer. Macintosh Viruses are few and far between. We here at Hidacc will most certainly advise you of any Virus that comes along which affects the Macintosh.

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